Skin Check

My Real Life skin is starting to show its age. Don’t scoff, but I’m mid-Twenties now and I’m seeing changes. The freckles of my youth are gone (pout pout), some of my scars have softened, a couple mole-like things have popped up, and I’m getting some crinkles in the corners of my eyes. I’ll call the latter laugh lines until the crows come claim them. All this made me think of my Second Life skin.

Since I was “born” on the Main Grid I’ve really had just four skins. Like most women, I have a dozen or so but really I’ve worn the same basic four – with the exception of an extended spotted neko period – for some 8 years now. Before I start a look at them, though, here’s the details of the comparison photo shoot first:

Bree’s Appleblossom Windlight
Advanced Lighting ON with Graphics Preferences set to High.
NO post-process enhancements

Hair: TRUTH Harley (less volume)
Eyes: The Skinnery Lovers Eye – Storm
Jewelry: primOptic Blues glasses and mfj Adrienne Round-Cut Stud Earrings

Got it? Good. Let’s go …

My first skin after ditching the noobie skin with permapanties: CS Passport Skin – Malibu/Brown Understated. It was free. Back in 2006 it looked darn good, too. On the Teen Grid I wore the starter avatar skin and this was certainly an upgrade. I kept it ’til April of 2010 so it had a good run.

At that time I grabbed Curio GP Acorn Frex [Dark] Sunny – Pure 1 (two makeup sets and two shades for when I felt normal or tanned). The freckles rocked and I love the mouth. Of all the skins I’ve had over the years I still think it is the best mouth. The ears are good, too. If I could have bought appliers for my SLink body parts or my big fake boobs, I would have stayed with this skin. After waiting and waiting and writing to the maker I finally started shopping.

In June 2013 I decided after a TON of shopping to buy the unBra Indigo C62 set without makeup. It was friggin’ expensive even before buying the appliers but unlike the highlights on so many other skins  – especially on the nose – were not blown out. Despite the skin supposedly not having makeup, though, it’s pretty obvious there’s some mascara there on the base skin. The other skins in the set have even more mascara and added eye shadow. All the lipsticks are on a tattoo layer (yah … strange) and I don’t like any of them. As much as I like this skin, though, it isn’t very natural. When I wear this I feel like I really know how to use concealer and foundation. No freckles whatsoever and no “real skin” marks unless I add them via tattoos and underwear. This is my go-to skin for when I’m in a dress or something that requires me to look a bit more girly than I normally wish to be at the time. Not too long ago I splurged on an alt’s upgrade and bought another skin from unBra (SLurl) but I probably should have given more consideration to a similar skin from The Skinnery (more in a moment).

After visiting The Skinnery (SLurl) several times (before and after buying the unBra skin) I indulged and bought The Skinnery Sasha Bare Face Toffee seven months after the unBra skin investment. This shop’s skins have be the most realistic by far. The price was good though now that it includes appliers for Lolas implants it is a better value. Buying the SLink appliers was a bit confusing but the creator (Umazuma Metaluna) was very helpful, so much so I even joined the shop group (L$200 I wouldn’t ordinarily spend) as a thank you. There is a “defect” tattoo layer for more moles and freckles on the body but I seldom wear it. Sometimes I add a freckle layer on the face, like in my Profile Pic from July 2014 (see here). One of the best Profile pics I’ve ever had (see here) is also with this skin.

About that alt I should have had shop at The Skinnery … She would have looked great but for the effect I was going for I stuck with unBra despite the much higher price. No, you can’t see a picture, though if you peruse my Flickr stream you might catch a glimpse of her. Still, I did send my little pixy to The Skinnery. It’s something about they eyes. Just fabulous.

Yes, it almost hurt to make Zyx lose her blueness but this skin is just so fabulous. The fantasy skins from The Skinnery are nice but they weren’t right for her though she looks great in the Anais Bare Face Ebony skin. Her big sister upgraded to a nice blue fantasy skin a few months after this purchase (see here) and little Zyx will get that skin one day, but big Zyx will get one of these, too. After all, they are sisters, right?

Freckles call me, though, and I want more. Hopefully The Skinnery will release Cinzia (see here) as a skin base for those of us who don’t use a mesh head and I can finally get my freckles back.

Mari’s Magics

As I was unable to attend last night’s fireworks at Livingtree (SLurl), a weekly event during the Summer months, so I was pleased to see that my buddy Zyx Flux posted some images to her MySL account. Here are a few and some of her commentary.

“Ha! Can’t get me!!”
Looks like she put herself in a safety bubble. With Marianne McCann behind the controls this was probably prudent.
“Mari and the magic dancing. That must be how she does this.”
Looks like Mari needed a bubble, too, as it seems she caught on fire.
“I don’t know how Mari does without a bubble. Or sees. Breathes.”
Mari is an experienced pyro and can probably hold her breath for really long times.
“No screen is big enough.”
Zyx is right. It is hard to see the whole show so camming around is best if lag permits.
“The Rainbow is the end of the show.”
Yes, the saddest rainbow in Second Life because it means the show is over but there’s another in a week. Visit Livingtree (SLurl) Saturdays at 8PM SLT.

Dolce Cleo – Groupgifts Juli 2014

Elisa High Society by Dolce Cleo-cropElisa High Society by Dolce Cleo

Jolie (Group  Gift) by Dolce Cleo-cropJolie (Group  Gift) by Dolce Cleo

Lovely Winter Mesh Dress by Dolce Cleo-cropLovely Winter Mesh Dress by Dolce Cleo

Stars Group Gift by Dolce Cleo-cropStars Group Gift by Dolce Cleo

Vintage Pink (Group Gift) by Dolce Cleo-cropVintage Pink (Group Gift) by Dolce Cleo

~* Dolce Cleo *~

************ P I C T U R E S & M U S I C ************

************   P I C T U R E S   &   M U S I C   ************


***    LARA’S ART    ****

HEUTE  26.Juli 2014, 21:00 Uhr mitteleuropäische Zeit (12am noon SLT)

Lenny McCloud * live * anlässlich Austellungseröffnung “Lara’s Art”

walking on the line_030exi


TODAY  26th July 2014 12am noon SLT

Lenny McCloud * live * at exhibition opening “Lara’s Art”

Landmark: ~* Frenchy’s Photo Studio *~

Lara’s Impressions at Flickr

~* Lara`s Art *~



[RESOLVED] Unscheduled Maintenance

[RESOLVED 10:34 PM PDT, 25 July 2014] We have completed all maintenance at this time.

[Posted 9:51 PM PDT, 25 July 2014] We are currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance on some of our primary systems. During this maintenance, various functions, including L$ transactions, USD transactions, and logins, may be unavailable. Please refrain from rezzing no-copy objects and making L$ transactions until the all clear is given.

Pastel GOTH ~ A Girly Goth Fashion Event ♥

Pastel GOTH

Pastel GOTH – A Girly Gothic Fashion Event brought to you by COMAsylum & Barely Legal Couture!

Where? COMAsylum – An Industrial Underground Club

Date? August 30, 2014

Time? 6:00 P.M.-ish SLT

Who will be joining us? Barely Legal, Sugar & Cyanide, Sacred Dreams, & Rising Hysteria!

Why?  Because will love to bring dark meets girl to the fashion world.  All 4 main stores are located on Barely Legal Couture’s home region, but on this night we will be joining COMAsylum for an exclusive event, Pastel GOTH! We will bring our best work to the show, from exclusive to semi-exclusive clothing, new releases, footwear, accessories, gacha machine goodies, summer gear and some sneak peeks and first dibs on 2014′s Halloween season.  Everyone loves cosplay wear and costumes for a little fun RP.

What? We’ll provide dancing, music, fashion, exclusive giveaways, buyer’s rewards (store credit), gifts, new releases at a great sale price exclusive to the event and more.

Sounds totally epic right?!  I will definitely keep you updated on this event coming in August!!  So keep watch on my blog for more information on Pastel GOTH!

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