Presentation #593

Good evening everyone, tonight I will have to keep it short and sweet… I am doing all-day training on data mining/analysis/entry at work this week, it has left me mind flayed. But I did find a few things, I really felt a need to capture in a photo.  My Frozen Flowers dress is by La Gazza Ladra {by B!ASTA}. This original design is available in 8 vibrant colors. I matched the dress with Colorfall Leather Pumps in Bordeaux, also by B!asta.

I found the Callahan Futon at the Mystic Realms Faire. I know I said I was done, but I found this mis-filed and wanted to still share it. It comes in a PG or Adult version, with 12 sits/lays, 12 couple poses. The adult version has 28 x-rated animations in it. It also has a color change menu with 8 textures. It is 100% orignial mesh , materials enabled, and 2 LI. I really liked the cleanliness of the design and the little flipped scroll ends.   For fun I placed a bowl of corks by %Percent to give the picture a little “corkiness” get it “quirkiness”.. *nudge*.. alright, I know that was a bit lame. But the Bowl of Corks is not lame at all. I really like little odd stuff like that to decorate my home. The bowl set comes with three bowls in three colors. It is material enabled and only 1 LI each.

Did I ever mention I love giraffes? I think they are the most amazing creatures on earth. So I am tickled any time I can find something with a giraffe pattern. I found this adorable giraffe t-shirt and panties at Hudson’s Clothing Co. I, of course, had to buy all three colors: pink, brown, and green. They are perfect for the days you want to lounge around but not bother with putting on a full outfit. Mel gives this set two thumbs up.  There were also several prints other than giraffe available too, like forest and cheetah.

My skin and shape are one of the latest releases by Tir na n’Og – Phoebe Skin & Shape (Porcelain). I am wearing Rumina’s Paige hair. It is her 2nd Anniversary gift and completely free.  It comes with a texture change HUD wtih 20 variations of brown hair, with and with out roots. My lovely elven ears are by Lemon Tea.  My eyes are the light hazel Utopian eyes by IKON.

✫ Tir na n’Og, Phoebe Skin & Shape (Porcelain)
✫ Rumina, Paige – 2nd Anniversary Gift (free)
✫ IKON, Utopia Eyes – Light Hazel (ML)
✫ Lemon Tea - Plain Elven Ears
✫ Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
✫ Slink - AvEnhance Casual Hands

✫ La Gazza Ladra {by B!ASTA}: Frozen Flowers
Candace Hudson, Giraffe T-Shirt & Panties
✫ B!ASTA, Colorfall Leather Pumps (Bordeaux)

✫ Frogstar – Callahan Futon Poster (Dark)
%Percent - Corks in Bowl

✫ Photo 1 & 3: Poses in lounge
✫ Photo 2: Eternal Dreams, Summerish 05

Dench Designs – HALLOWEEN GROUP GIFT 2014

Klasse gemachte Höhle und nur 7 prims.Wir haben uns sehr amüsiert mit den Couple Posen…..Auch Single Posen sind drin.

Dench Designs - HALLOWEEN GROUP GIFT 2014

DenchEin neuer Song für mich..danke Schatz.

Dench1Huch,oh Schreck,wir werden beobachtet..

Dench2Der Herr war recht unterhaltsam.

Dench3Komm Schatz,so iss das leckere Auge endlich…ggg

Dench4Seine Rache für das doch nicht so leckere Essen…ein Biss..

Dench5Tolle Scene..Unsere Avas zitterten um die Wette..sehr gut gemacht..

Dench6Geschafft Schatz..puuhh..Hier ein Glas Blutrotwein…..Prosito..

Diese Höhle lohnt es sich zu besorgen.


~* DENCH DESIGNS – Furniture and Garden Store *~

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